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Episode 1

This is our first installment of 2 Kitchen Tables & A Microphone with Jon (@mudhustler_official) and Shane (Liquidshano1973) where we talk struggles, new foods, and what it is like to be a man on a weight loss journey. Enjoy folks!

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Episode 2

Knowing the answers to the test should help you right?  When you struggle, get back to the basics.  Just basic bros.  Oh and we have the atack of the dogs here on this one you dont want to miss!

Episode 3

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy and biggest critic 

Episode 4 Boundaries and structure

Check out this great video

Episode 5

Don't let the scale define you

Episode 6

How to deal with the holidays 


Episode 7

Allowing grace - Halloween episode 

Episode 8

Checking on our own reflection and what we really see

Episode 9

Taking chances and getting out of our comfort zone 

Episode 10

Not letting a setback completely derail 

Episode 11

The Holiday Episode 

Episode 12

Special Behind the scenes on the Rhode Show