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Respect the Burger


Lose the bun

Who says you can't take over the top food and make it work in a healthier lifestyle. I am always trying different products to see how I can beat the system to

 "eat like a fat kid and still lose weight"

I love using these perfect 10 Western Bagels on their own or as a "burger vessel" - is that a thing?



Mac and cheese burger

There are several different reduced fat and calorie conscience macaroni and cheese options found at your local supermarket. You can even use my "mud's mac and cheese" recipe.

In this recipe I used a brand called simply skinny. It was only 2 Weight Watcher smart points for 1/4 cup.... more than what was needed to top my super (90%) lean 4 smart point burger patty. A juicy thick heirloom tomato and a slice of Sargento Ultra thin provolone cheese completes this killer 10 smart point Mac attack burger 

Make your own Mac and Cheese


So good

If you have the time ... make my Mud's Mac and Cheese and top your burger! I mixed in some turkey bacon I chopped up. Bring your burger to a whole new level


Everything Bagel > Bun

When I can swap out boring less nutrient filled products for higher quality, tasty and more filling options... I am in. Here is a great filling Bacon Mac Attack Burger on a Western Bagel  perfect 10 everything bagel (3 WW points)