Chinatown sliders


The other white meat

These sliders are super tasty and satisfying. The garlic hoisin sauce really adds some great flavor.

You could totally make this into a meatloaf, meatball or even a wonton filling. 


Down Down to Chinatown

Here is how you make it

1 lb of lean ground pork 

(If you are following Weight Watchers this will affect the smart point value) the leaner the lower the smart point value of the finished product. I used 94% 


1 lb of 99% lean ground turkey breast

1 egg

1/2 cup of  panko bread crumbs 

2 tbsp of garlic hoisin sauce

3 tbsp of soy sauce 

About a tsp of salt, pepper and garlic powder

1/4 cup chopped scallions

Mix together and form into 12 patties 2 Weight Watchers smart points each ( with ingredients listed )

Cook on grill or flat top and serve on your favorite bun 

I topped mine with some Trader Joe's Sriracha ranch dressing and it was fantastic. 


Check out this great video

Chinatown pork slider breakfast sandwich


Mud don't play... killer breakfast sandwich - Chinatown pork slider ( 2sp ) topped with bacon (1sp ) and an egg on a Western Bagel perfect 10 everything bagel ( 3sp )  total 6 spsp

Smart points listed if you follow Weight Watchers. do yourself a favor and get familiar with  Western Bagel order some bagels now!
If you're wicked smart you can eat like a fat kid and still lose weight  


Check out this great video