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Mud's Cheesy Mac


Velveeta Mac

So back in the day my wife and I would frequently visit a local restaurant where they had a killer mac and cheese side dish. 

 One day we asked what it was about the thick, creamy, gooey cheese sauce that made it so special.  Much to our surprise the chef came out with a yellow block of old school Velveeta cheese. Jaw dropped... we were in a very upscale steak house. The kind of place that serves aged prime cuts of meat and has fancy wine lockers.

So I give to you - Muds Velveeta Mac 


Cheese please

Here is the basic recipe. You can really bring it to a whole new level by adding bacon, broccoli, chicken, ground turkey, shrimp, lobster even just hot sauce.

 3/4 cup ( dry measure) of pasta

1 ounce of Velveeta 2% milk cheese 2sp

2 tbsp of non fat Greek yogurt (I promise you can't taste it)

Salt and pepper 

This makes one generous serving of some serious comfort food. The pasta I used is cavatappi  (the shape of pasta) 6 WW smart points for 1 cup dry measure. This recipe is for one single serving.  You can double it up if you need to.

 I love the texture and the way this pasta holds the sauce. The total for this single serving is 8 WW smart points . The calorie count and WW point value will change per serving depending on what kind and how much pasta you use per serving.


Spinach Artichoke Lobster Mac

Here is a great little food hack. I use Trader Joe's Spinach and Artichoke dip as the sauce. Trust me.


 3 oz Dry measure  of  penne pasta 9 ww smart points - or use whatever pasta that floats your boat 

Cook in boiling water.

Once everthing is cooked combine for a creamy, delicious filling meal. ons on package.

2 tbs is 2 Weight Watcher smart point

I used 8 oz of Trader Joes langostino tail 


Once everthing is cooked combine for a creamy, delicious filling meal. 11 smart points total